Drawings by
Neva Mikulicz

R is for Robot

Recent Show - Sugar, Spice, Doritos...Nice!

Artist Statement


Has this ever happened to you - too much art and nowhere to hang it. 

You struggle all day to find a place and it still sits in the corner.

Introducing Pocket Art!

Stick it anywhere. Fill in empty spaces. Cover holes in walls. Improve tired old artwork. AND  the best thing - it’s not precious. In case of calamity, let it go, buy another, after all I’m not dead.

Collect them all: the food series, the pet series, the old-timey photo series (for anyone who needs a quick relative) and the science series.



Prisma color on Canson Mi-Teintes Pastel Paper

3 inches x 3 inches

Permanent Fixative

Acid Free 3M glue

Larger images are 6.25 inches square

Represented by Anya Tish Gallery

For sales contact anya@anyatishgallery.com

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Drawings by Neva Mikulicz